Breakfast & Coffee Break


Basic Breakfast/Morning Coffee Break - $5.00 per person

  • Assorted Breakfast Baked Goods (various, may include muffins, scones, danish, banana bread, lemon loaf, croissants etc.)lemon cake
  • Butter and Jam
  • Coffee and TeaIMG_20161017_152139

* (without Coffee and Tea:  $3.75 p.p.)

Additional Breakfast/Coffee Break Items:

  • Pitchers of Orange Juice             $1.00 per person
  • Individual Juices (assorted)        $2.50 each
  • Fresh Cut Fruit Platter                $3.00 per person
  • Fresh Fruit Skewers                    $3.00 each
  • Individual Yogurt Cups               $2.50 each
  • Greek Honeyed Yogurt and Granola    $4.50 per serving
  • Add Fruit Compote/Fruit Salad                              $2.00 per serving
  • Breakfast with muesliHearty Buttermilk Biscuits with Wild Blueberry or Blackberry Preserves  – $3.75 each
  • Focaccia Bread Wedges served with Lemon-Herb Cream Cheese Spread – $3.75 per serving
  • “Breakfast” Cookies (Healthy Oatmeal Cookies loaded with Dried Fruits and Nuts)  – $2.75 each 
  • Bagels with Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Red Onion and Capers –$5.50  per serving
  • “Continental Breakfast Platter” (Assorted Cheeses, Hard-boiled Egg Halves, Dried Fruit and Almonds,  Baquette and Whole Grain Bread Slices, Butter, Jam) – $8.50 per serving

Breakfast Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwiches $7.00 eachbiscuit sandwich

1.  Country Ham and Aged Cheddar
2.  Proscuitto, Brie and Fig Jam
3.  Vegetable Frittata, Fontina and Roasted Tomato (veg.)