Buffet Dinner Menu

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1.   Lemon Pepper Shrimp Skewers with Spanish Romesco Dipping Sauce
2.   Pan-roasted Salmon Fillets with Baby Tomato, Basil and Shallot Relish OR Fresh Mint, Lime and Coconut  ChutneyBeef-stroganoff
3.   Northern Indian Lamb Curry with Basmati Rice
4.   Spice-crusted Pork Tenderloin with Apricot-Sage Chutney
5.   Beef Stroganoff with Steamed Parslied Rice
6.   Moroccan Chicken with Olives, Apricots, Almonds and Preserved Lemon
7.   Ricotta and Herb Stuffed Chicken Breast with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
8.   Pasta with Seared Chicken, Wild Mushrooms, Baby Spinach and White Wine Sauce
9.   Roasted Vegetable Lasagna with Three Cheeses, Basil Puree Drizzle
10. Black Bean and Yam Chili, Mexican Green Rice, Corn Tortillas

SALADS & SIDE DISHESIMG_6662 (1000x667)

1.   Romaine Leaves with Croutons, Shaved Asiago and Creamy Roasted Garlic Dressing
2.   Baby Spinach Salad with Roasted Chanterelles and Crumbled Pancetta, Lemon-Pine Nut Vinaigrette
3.   Fusili Pasta Salad with Fresh Tomato, Basil and Capers topped with Peppered Ricotta
4.   Farro Pilaf with Roasted Portobellos, Crumbled Parmigianno, Lemon and Parsley
5.   Roasted New Potatoes with Rosemary and Olive Oil
6.   Potato Gratin (thinly sliced potatoes baked with a Parmigianno-Regianno Cream Sauce)
7.   Twice-baked Potatoes with Scallions, Creme Fraiche and Pecorino Romano
8.   Wild Mushroom and Barley Pilaf with Leeks, Lemon and HerbsIMG_20160221_200911
9.   White and Wild Rice Pilaf with Hazelnuts, Currants and Citrus
10.   Roasted Asparagus with Toasted Sesame Seed
11.   Rosemary and Olive Oil Roasted Carrots
12.   Roasted Vegetable or Wild Mushroom Puff Pastry Tart with Shaved Parmesan (cut into individual servings)
13.   Sauteed Red and Yellow Grape Tomatoes with Fresh Basil and Balsamic
14.   revised broccoliniBroccolini with Lemon and Crispy Olive Oil Bread Crumbs
15.   Chilled Avocado and Watercress Soup with Olive Oil Crostini (served in shot glasses or soup bowls)


1.   Dark Chocolate Layer Cake with Ganache Icing, Raspberries and Vanilla Creamcake
2.   Angel Food Cake with Fresh Berry Cream
3.   Strawberry and Honeyed Marscapone Tart
4.   Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter with assorted petite Cookies
5.   Italian Polenta and Olive Oil Cake with Mixed Berry Compote
6.   Fresh Fruit Pavlova with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream
7.   Lemon Tart with Shortbread Crust and Blueberries
8.   Creamy Chevre Cheesecake with Balsamic-glazed Plum Sauce
9.   Toasted Coconut Layer Cakelemon tart
10.  Asst’d Bars (e.g. Blondies/Coconut, Date and Lime Bars/Almond Toffee Bars/Fudge Brownies etc.)

Staffing and Rental Arrangements:  See Policies page.

$ Pricing:
Main dish items $8.00 – $12.00 per serving
Salads & Side dishes $3.00 – $6.00 per serving
Desserts $4.50 – $6.00 per serving