Lox hors d'oeuvresStaffing & Gratuities

  • For events in which staffing is required, the following rates apply:
  •      Chef/Supervisor (one/both required for many events)    $28.00/hour
  •      Bartender            $28.00/hour
  •      Service Staff        $25.00/hour
  •  The number of bartenders and service staff recommended will be advised when discussing your event.
  • Staffing is based on a minimum 4 hour shift.
  • For staffed events, a 15% gratuity is applied to the food and service section of your bill (rental costs are exempt from this charge).

Deposit & Payment Policies

  • To secure and hold catering services, a 50% deposit of your anticipated/estimated costs will be required within one week of booking  catering services, or two weeks before the event date, whichever comes first.  Balance due will be calculated and advised prior to your event  and is payable at the conclusion of the event catering.   Cash, cheque, Visa and Mastercard accepted.
  • For some smaller orders, an advance deposit is not required  This will be advised.
  • Cancellation charges apply within certain time frames.  This will be advised.

Rental Arrangements

  • Any rentals arrangements required for your event can by arranged by Cuisine by Design for a modest fee.  These requirements can be discussed when booking your catering services.Kelly-Signature (1)

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